The HERstory of The New Majority

The New Majority NYC was founded in 2017 as 21 in ‘21 by NYC Council Speaker Melissa Mark Viverito, Councilmember Margaret Chin and Councilmember Elizabeth Crowley with the audacious goal of electing 21 additional women to the NYC Council in 2021. The urgency was palpable, the founders had experienced an 18 member women’s caucus drop to 11 in a single election – and only 5 women incumbents would remain for the 2021 election.

21 in ‘21 endorsed 74 women in 35 open council districts with 12 mentors on hand and successfully ushered 31 women into office. These women became a part of the first majority women and majority Women of Color council in New York City’s history, serving our communities and fighting for our bottom line issues.

After the 2021 city council election, 21 in ‘21 rebranded as The New Majority NYC, with an expanded mission of building political power for women in NYC. The New Majority NYC has the tools it needs to continue the vital work of building political power for women and realizing the New vision – of sustained and growing gender equity in New York City political leadership.

Our HERstory

Women's HERstory

HERstory of The New Majority NYC

November 1936

Ranked choice voting was approved in NYC for municipal elections

November 1937

Genevieve Earle becomes the first women elected to New York City Council in a ranked – choice voting election 

November 1945

Ranked Choice is repealed in NYC.

January 2006

    16 women begin their NYC Council terms

January 2010

17 women begin NYC Council terms, electing Christine Quinn as the first woman NYC Council Speaker

January 2014

12 women begin NYC Council terms, including Melissa Mark-Viverito as the first Puerto Rican Latina and member of the BLAC Caucus to become NYC Council Speaker

October 2015

Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito starts the Young Women’s Initiative 


Meetings with sister organizations to identify a hole in the support system for women running at the municipal level in NYC

21 in ‘21 Inc., a 501(c4) non-profit incorporated is founded by NYC Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito, Council Member Margaret Chin, and Council Member Elizabeth Crowley

Political Activist Bill Samuels provides seed funding to launch operations

June 2017

21 in ‘21 supports 3 women, Amanda Farias, Marjorie Velzquez, Diana Ayala. Diana Ayala is elected to NYC Council District 8!

Council Members Mark-Viverito and Crowley engage with unions and County Parties to encourage them to prioritize women in their endorsements

January 2018

The number of women serving in the NYC Council drops to 10

February 2018

U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand supports at our first major fundraiser

April 2018

The Board of 21 in ‘21 meets for the first time with founding board members Elizabeth Crowley, Melissa Mark-Viverito, Amelia Adams, Dr. Debbie Almontaser, Elyse Buxbaum, Camille Rivera, and Morgan Pehme

March 2020

The COVID-19 Pandemic hits New York City

August 2020

21 in ‘21 releases its first round of endorsements for the 2021 Primary Elections, endorsing a total of 74 candidates in 35 districts across New York City

February 2021

Selvena Brooks-Powers wins in a special election, becoming the first endorsee of 21 in ‘21 to win!

June 2021

30 women endorsed by 21 in ‘21 win primary elections

October 2021

21 in ‘21 Capacity Building Project receives its first multi-year c3 grant from the New York Women’s Foundation

21 in ’21 and Vote Mama host the Women Rising Gala to celebrate the new majority of the NYC Council with Govenor Kathy Hochul

November 2021

31 women win the general election races for the NYC Council, 26 of whom were endorsed by 21 in ‘21, taking office on January 1st, 2021. 29 committee chairs are women

January 2022

31 women begin their terms on NYC Council. This is the first majority women and majority women-of-color NYC Council in the history of New York and the biggest city in America to achieve authentic gender representation

February 2022

Council Member Adrienne Adams is elected as the first Black speaker of the NYC Council

August 2022

NYC Abortion Rights Act passed, the first and largest abortion protection fund in the US 

NYC Council passes a historic Maternal Health Legislative Package

September 2022

21 in ‘21 rebrands as The New Majority NYC 

November 2022

Rep Carolyn Maloney enters the achievements of 21 in ’21 into the Congressional Record

The New Majority NYC hosts a Relaunch Soiree to celebrate the women who paved the way for the new majority with AG Letita James

February 2023

The New Majority NYC announces endorsements of 33 women in 30 districts, using RCV,  for the 2023 NYC Council Election cycle. 

May 2023

NYC Council passes legislation to increase accessibility for child care services

June 2023

The New Majority NYC maintains the majority women on NYC Council with 27 of 29 women winning in June as endorsees

July 2023

The New Majority NYC celebrates the work to build political power for Women in New York City with A Toast to The Majority

October 2023

The New Majority NYC releases a report highlighting both how to elect more women and how communities benefit from women in office.